Welcome to my blog pages at GingerInk!

When I thought up this site, I wanted it to be a repository for my writing and photography.

My site is where I will show collections of my photographs and publish all my blogs in one place. My collection will include those articles written for other publications to create a complete back catalogue and portfolio of my work.

The site will also feature exciting previews of current projects and future work.

The site will continue to grow and develop, so do come back to see what’s new.

Take a look around, read some of my previous blogs and feel free to explore some of my gallerys. All photographs are available to order. I’m working on an online store, but for now, if something catches your eye, get in touch! I’ll be happy to get it printed, mounted and dispatched.

Once again, welcome, and thank you for visiting.


Dear M,

This is a letter I never thought I would be able to write.

I want to start with a ‘thank you’, Does that surprise you?


Sometimes, we need a little perspective on our situations., to observe our lives from a distance and consider what is and isn’t working…

Grief is Good

…I never got to say goodbye. Never got to hold him, tell him that I loved him and that everything would be alright. I never got to look into his beautiful eyes again…

Departures, In Transit and Arrivals – a three part African adventure

Part One – Departures

So, there I was. About to begin a journey nearly six thousand miles south, just hoping to make a small difference.

Part Two – In Transit

How far might I go, what might I do? This journey was taking me, unexpectedly, somewhere new.

Part Three – Arrivals

I had been on quite a journey in South Africa. There was further to go, but I had arrived in the right area