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I’m a freelance writer and photographer living in the beautiful South Downs National Park in the South of England.

My interest in photography grew out of a love for the natural world that I have been lucky enough to grow up surrounded by and of a passion for capturing moments in time. My travels have informed both my writing and my photography, and I have been lucky to see some incredible sights.

It is not a subject I have studied or been mentored in, but that I enjoy. If there is a message I want to pass on through my photography it is simply that there is joy to be found in the world, so long as we keep looking for it.

I have been writing from childhood, though professionally since 2014. For me, writing is personal. I draw on my own experiences and so my writing acts as a catharsis through which I can reflect on real life subjects to gain a deeper insight. Some of the blogs you will read here have been featured in other publications, but are reproduced and updated here to provide a complete collection of my work.

Everything that I write and every photo I present means something to me. I hope that you can find something here too. So please, make yourself at home, take a look around, – the site is being built day by day so there will be more to find with every visit.


Here you can explore my writing, covering blogs for a number of publications and a range of topics, short stories and early drafts of future work


Here you can explore my photography, explore some of the projects I have worked on and enjoy the stories behind some of my favorite pictures

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